Honorary Consulate of the Sloval Republic in Pakistan

Slovak Introduction


Slovakia is a country situated in the heart of Europe. The geographical centre of Europe is in fact the Church of St John in Kremnické Bane, a village in central Slovakia. Slovakia, with its total area of 49 thousand square kilometres and somewhat less than 5.5 million inhabitants, is not a large country. It is only a bit larger than Denmark, Switzerland or Netherlands. A flight over Slovakia takes only half an hour. Slovakia fills the space between Poland in the north and Hungary in the south. Its western neighbours are the Czech Republic and Austria while Ukraine lies off its eastern border (its frontier is shortest, only 96 kilometres long). Slovakia has no access to the sea. The nearest sea is the Adriatic in the south (361 km away). Slovaks who want to bath in the Baltic Sea have to travel by air some 440 kilometres from the northern frontier.